2022 Spring Season Registration

League Program & Divisions

PHBA has developed a program to introduce kids as young as 4-5 years old to baseball and softball by teaching them the fundamentals of throwing, hitting and base running in a relaxed and fun environment. The league introduced specific house rules within each division to eliminate some complexity of the game in order to focus on building the necessary skills and critical game thinking of our players.

As players progress through the divisions, the goal is to continue expanding on those fundamentals and introduce the more complex rules and nuances of each sport in an organized approach. As the kids get to the more competitive levels of play, they get closer to playing the “real thing.” Once they reach the Western division, they are playing full-on baseball and softball. Most importantly, they will have learned much in the way of sportsmanship, leadership, character, honesty, loyalty, courage and mutual respect.

You can find the key aspects of each division in the table on the right. Please contact the league if you have any questions.

League Fees

  • $220 Instructional | Intermediate Divisions
  • $250 Pioneer | American | National | Western Divisions
  • Registration Deadline is December 12
  • Late Registration Fee is $25 (after December 12)
  • Fees include a $20 per player for Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park fees
  • Sibling Discount
    • There is a discount of $15 per sibling when registering siblings at the same time only. A sibling that is registered at a separate time will not receive the discount. No exceptions.

Refund Policy

  • A player may request a refund no later than December 12, 2021
  • High school players accepted to a high school team may request a refund no later than February 15, 2022
  • PHBA reserves the right to refuse the return of the registration fee

League Assistance Fund

Pleasant Hill Baseball Association is an all volunteer youth Baseball and Softball league.  We have a League Assistance Fund (LAF) in order to encourage volunteer participation.  All families will be required to agree to pay LAF amount in addition to the annual registration fees for not fulfilling the required volunteer hours.

The LAF program requires a League Volunteer Commitment of 4 hours per child (maximum of 8 hours for two or more children per family).

As part of Registration, all families are required to agree to a LAF Fee, separate from the Registration fee. If you do not complete the LAF hours, you will receive an invoice for the full LAF amount, which will be required before registration in the following year.

It takes a lot of people volunteering a lot of time to make PHBA work and be successful. The League would prefer not to invoice for any LAF funds.  Your time is more valuable to our players than the money.  That said, should you prefer not to volunteer, you may buy out your obligation for $300 per child, with a maximum of $600 per family.

Division Descriptions

2022 PHBA Age Charts (New for 2022)

In order to be consistent with other youth baseball leagues in the region and the State, the PHBA has adopted the age cutoff dates used by Little League and Pony baseball. The new cutoff date is August 31 for baseball only.  

For example, if your player was born on or before August 31 of 2013, they would play as a 9 year-old. If they were born on or after September 1 of 2013, they would play as an 8 year-old.

Please note - the softball age cutoff dates remain unchanged and are based on the cutoff date of December 31.


2021 PHBA Age Matrix - Baseball


2021 PHBA Age Matrix - Softball