2021 Baseball All Star Teams

- 2021 Baseball Team Rosters -

8U Blue

Manager: Joe Alvarez
Aren Melaas
Brooks Gomez
Carlo Scotto
Crawford Briemle
Johnathan Hansen
Keegan Day
Landon Lutkus
Luke Alvarez 
Mason Prosser
Maverick Dockery 
Roman Scotto
Sam Enos
Sebastian Gonzalez

8U Red

Manager: Rod Bassler
Arlando Garcia
Callan Brown
Charlie Pelton
Chase Hagen
Danny O’Sullivan
Declyn Sauve
Haru Onoda
Julian Serra
Maguire Wright
Marco Galleno
Michael Pardini
Mitchell Wright
Sage White


10U Blue

Manager: Paul Traxinger
Braden Arriola
Finn Taylor
Jackson Slade
Jaxon O’Hara
Jaxson Ordonez
Jeremiah Christiansen
Marleau Gingrich 
Nicolas Ordonez
Owen Blythe
Ryan Traxinger
Sean Stephenson
Sullivan Briemle
Zachary Uchacz

10U Red

Manager: John Feil 
Benjamin Harris
Brady Woods
Dawson Teitsma 
Isaac Kent
Jason Hill
JD Hooper
Jett Feil
Liam Mitchinson 
Mateo Sosa
Nathan Patania
Nicklas Longhi
Oliver Rouhani
Quinn O’Hara

12U Blue

Manager: Josh Stevens
Braeden Veltri
Brogan Netzeband
Camilo Esteva-Casteneda
Dylan Mehl
Ethan Graves
Franky Alioto
Henry Block
Hudson Hart
Jonah Mateo
Joshua Miller 
Logan Bishop
Matthew Toy
Matthis Pereira
Maximus Mottram
Preston Osika
Simon Peter Stevens

12U Red

Manager: Harlow Newton
Aiden Heaney
Alex Lordan 
Brady Holmes 
Cash Russo
Christian Castro
Evan Hammericksen
Harlow Newton 
Joel Sato
Kingston Van Den Bosch 
Lexy Good
Mateo Armanzamendez
Owen Soh-Tse
Russell Nissen

14U Blue

Manager: Oliver Greenwood
Austen McInerney
Brayden Park
Dylan West 
Eli Alonzo
Erik Dyken
Jack Sato
Jared Grant
Lex Greenwood
Liam Wilson
Ryan Ranganian
Samuel Brown
Trevor Rosario



2021 Softball All Star Teams

- 2021 Softball Team Rosters -

U10 Blue

Manager: Richard Valladao
Alexis Reichenberg
Ava Harris
Camille Jonas
Hailey Ostrom
Isabella Pacheco
June Natal
Kelynn Flores
Kriya Eurkus
Leighton LaFlamme
Lily Machado
Lucy Bernhardt
Macey Valladao
Olivia Riddle

U12 Blue

Manager: Jackie Zirkel
Alyssa Orellana
Amelia Riley
Bella Placencia
Elle Quinn
Emma O'Connor
Katie Mulcahy
Kayla Mae Numazu
Maya Shoenhair
Milla Hansen
Olivia Joseph
Olivia Lozano
Riley Zirkel
Stella Beuchotte

U14 Blue

Manager: Brian Turner
Aislynn Newlin
Arianna Lee
Audrey Longtin
Emily Placencia
Emmalee Usedom
Gianna Shook
Isabella Brennan
Karlina Meyer
Liana Pursche
Liliana Canfield
Madison Turner
Savannah Tambridge
Taylor Ochoa

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Greetings PHBA Families: We now have sign up forms for the next two #PHBAFamily Days. Each event has 2 shifts w/6 openings to volunteer. May 22nd Shift #1 9am-1pm May 22nd Shift #2 11am-3pm  If you have any questions, please email Melisa Barrett at Respectfully, The PHBA Board

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2021 PH Allstars Softball Teams

Commissioners Nick Barton & Chris Scallin: Summer Tournament Teams – “PH Allstars” Beginning in the Summer of 2020, the summer tournament softball teams changed their names to “PH Allstars”, similar to the baseball summer tournament teams made up of PHBA house ball players. The number of teams will be determined by the number of…

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#PHBAfamily and Upcoming Events!

Greetings #PHBAfamily! You may be wondering what this new hashtag we have been using is all about? Well, come to find out the hashtag “#PHBA” is associated with the Palomino Horse Breeding Association, hence, why all of our amazing tags/hashtags get lost in the web. Soooo…since the Pleasant Hill Baseball Association values our strong sense…

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OVERTHROW! Send them back, Coach.

The Overthrow Rules 4.11 for both Pioneer divisions have been revamped to encourage the kids (and especially the coaches) to make a play on the runners instead of simply getting the ball back to the pitcher to “kill the play.” In previous years, attempting plays and missing promoted the kids simply running the bases non-stop…

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We Have Gear !!

PHBA is doing a Store this Year.  Some new exciting things we have to offer ! Lots of new gear Coaches can purchase jersey Players can purchase extra jersey Matching hats Here is the website to go to: We will be doing monthly orders. Our first order is going in on March 17th So we can…

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When Does 3=1? [Coach-Pitch]

The rule for the number of coach pitches allowed was changed for baseball in 2020 and is now consistent with softball rules. So how many pitches does a coach really get to throw during coach pitch? This one seems simple enough, and yet the math never seems to add up for most coaches and umpires.…

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Coach Pitch Interference

The rule for coach pitch interference was changed for baseball in 2020 and is now consistent with softball rules. The coach should make every effort (think Neo in the Matrix) to avoid contact with a hit or thrown ball. However, if the coach is hit by the ball, the ball is LIVE and play will…

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The “Look Back” Rule

The Look Back rule is specific to softball.  The rule, in the words of USA Softball (, “was supposed to stop players from dancing around between bases while the ball was in the Pitcher’s possession and control in the Pitcher’s Circle.”  The short, paraphrased version of this rule is this:  When the Pitcher A) Has…

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The “Foul Tip”

The foul tip is one those baseball rules that confuses the casual enjoyer of America’s pastime and infuriates baseball purists.  This article is designed to help you understand this simple yet often misunderstood rule. According to,  “A foul tip is a batted ball that goes sharply and directly to the catcher’s hand or glove and…

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